Your home or business is bathing in free energy every day, solar energy. So why not make it work for you with Spreck Solar?

And the best part: It's never been more affordable!

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Pay less for power.

With the declining costs of equipment, teamed with the substantial tax credits and incentives available—not to mention the dramatic savings you'll see on your monthly power bills—making the switch to solar makes tons of sense, and even more cents

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Good Service is Good Business

From the first consultation to long after installation, our mission is to provide a legendary experience for every customer—and that means the highest quality products and highest quality service. After all, we expect exactly what you expect: THE BEST.

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We realize simply providing innovative, cutting-edge solar solutions is never enough. A good product must be backed by even better service—the level of service that warrants a referral.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide our customers with a superior white glove experience.

We Make It Easy. And Affordable.

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